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Jurca's timeline - TO BE TRANSLATED


January 20, 1923 Marcel Jurca was born un Romania.

1940-44 Fighter Pilot within the Romanian Air Force, single seater only, mainly on Henschel Hs 129

1954 Marcel Jurca built a Jodel D112 in order to learn about building. This aircraft is still flying, based in Caen airfield (France, Calvados).

1956 Maiden flight of the first Tempête MJ-2 F-PHOE, aerobatic single seater

1958, L'appareil obtient son CDN après passage au CEV de Bretigny qui indique :
"le Tempête réunit l'ensemble des caractéristiques de pilotage du Spitfire..."

1962 Maiden flight of the Sirocco MJ-5 F-PJSX, aerobatic tandem two seater

1965 Marcel Jurca become a French citizen

1967 Maiden flight of the MJ-3 Dart in the USA

1968 Stand des avions Jurca à l'EAA Rockford

1969 First MJ7 Gnatsum completed by Falconar in Canada


1973 First MJ-2 Nangis patrol

1975 Maiden flight of the MJ-77 in the USA


1975 Maiden flight of the MJ-8 FW190 3/4 in the USA

1976 Evolution of the MJ-5 Sirocco prototype, now powered with 180 hp (type MJ5 K2)

1982 Maiden flight of the MJ-10 Spitfire 3/4 scale


1986 Maiden flight of the MJ-12 "Pee40"in the USA

1989 Foundation of the Jurca Air Force association

1992 Maiden flight of the MJ-53 Autan, side-by-side version of the MJ-5 Sirocco


1994 Maiden flight of the MJ-100 Spitfire full scale, 700 hp,  in France

1994 Second MJ-2 patrol, named Nangis Alpha

1998 Maiden flight of the MJ-55 Biso



October 19th, 2001, Marcel Jurca passed away

2001 Opening of the website www.marcel-jurca.com and birth of the CMJ (Comité Marcel Jurca)

2003 First archives' room for Marcel Jurca at Machault (77)

2004 Maiden flight of the american MJ-100 with 1350 hp by Robert Deford, Prescott AZ (N1940K)


2006 Maiden flight of the MJ-80 FW190 full scale in Germany, by Ulrich Bronner (D-FWUB)

2016 First Catalog of the Marcel Jurca aircraft (French only)

2019 Maiden flight of the MJ-51C Spérocco in the USA

2019 New archives's room for Marcel Jurca near Fontainebleau (France)


2020 Second Catalog of the Marcel Jurca aircraft (French + English)


2021 Some free visuals for your t-shirts, caps and mugs... making the passion alive.
To be downloaded from the site.

Some new stuff to come!

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